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Yesterday Buddy and I went to the zoo – it is close to our house and we are members so we go fairly often. As always, much time was spent in the elephant house and yard where we watched the elephants eat, pace, and, yes, poop. Buddy is just about to turn two and has a fascination with the potty and poop although he isn’t quite sure how he feels about the whole thing yet. We are taking it slow and talking a lot but not pushing him much until he seems more ready. Here is a transcript of our conversation later that night when I put him to bed.

Buddy: Elephant Poop too!

Me: Yes, elephants poop, giraffes poop, everybody poops.

Buddy: Elephant change diaper?

Me: No, elephants don’t wear diapers – people wear diapers or poop in the potty.

Buddy: (Pause – thinking) Yeah.

Buddy: Elephant in bathroom?

Me: (laughing) maybe! I think the elephant is sleeping now. It’s sleepy time.

Buddy (confidently): Elephant in bathroom.


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Turns out that the waiting isn’t the hardest part. On the one hand it just totally sucks that I didn’t get either job, especially since I did well in the interviews (I think – they said). On the other hand I am secretly relieved that I won’t have to pack up Buddy and SuperGuy and move across country while trying to finish my diss and do a million other things. But I need to regroup.

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