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51203ugooml_sl500_aa240_I’ve always loved Nikki McClure’s work and I’ve had a number of her calendars over the years (check out her website for examples of her work). So as part of my self-improvement experiment I am including her new collection Collect Raindrops: The Seasons Gathered as an alternative/right-brained source of inspiration and motivation. 

As with the other two sources, each week I will take a section of the book, in this case, one paper-cut and the word(s) associated with it and meditate on how it should, could or might apply to my life right now. The book, like the year, starts with Winter – so I will start at the beginning of spring which is just around the corner.

Lesson One:

So here is the first word/phrase in Spring:

Eat more Kale

Hmm, that is disturbingly specific. However I think it can be interpreted in a number of ways. First of all I need to improve my diet. That was something I was working on at the beginning of the year but with work and the travel involved with the interviews, I have slid back into my old ways which involve a lot of chocolate and pastries.

Related to improving my diet, I need to work on being more aware of where our food comes from and how it is produced. For awhile now SG and I have striven to shop organic, shop humane, and to a lesser extent, shop locally, but now that spring is on the way, perhaps it is time to really start exploring the local farmers market and look into getting a CSA share. We talked about it last year but never quite got it together.

So for this week:

  1. Be more mindful of what I eat. Keep a journal of what I ate, where I ate it, who I ate it with, where it came from, and how I felt when I ate it.
  2. Talk to SG about a possible CSA share this year.
  3. And finally, eat more greens (I can only take so much kale).

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