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The story of Geng He and how she fled with her children to Thailand has really struck a chord with me. Her husband, a prominent dissident, has disappeared, probably arrested by the Chinese government with a future in a labor camp and possibly as an involuntary human organ donor. Her story brings up a lot of feelings for me, and brings into stark relief the dilemma between our obligation to our ideals and our obligation, our overriding, undeniable obligation to our children. Before becoming a mother I could understand her actions, but now that I have Buddy I emphasize with her on a whole different emotional level.  I need to process my thoughts and feeling on this story a little more, but it brought into stark relief the question of whether or not I would be able to live up to my political and moral ideals (or I could support my partner doing so) in a situation in which I would have to choose between my convictions and the well being of my child. I am glad I am not faced with such a dilemma, because I know the answer – Buddy would absolutely, positively, always come first. And that is a little scary.


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  • When your 2yr-old’s favorite game is crawling around on  the floor picking up “fluff” off the carpet, it might be time to vacuum.  
  • SuperGuy and I shared a bottle of wine last night and watched Pineapple Express. He also gave me a backrub and told me I was pretty. Both were much needed. We’ve both been going full-speed-ahead with Buddy and work for awhile now we’ve sort of lost touch with each other. He also made it clear that he is proud of me whether or not I get this job at Big University. I still really want it but he made me feel better about the possibility of not getting it as well.
  • I watched the final few episodes of West Wing this weekend – and I have to say that the REAL election of Obama and the REAL inauguration of  President Obama was much more satisfying. How nice not to have to take solace in fictional characters any longer.
  • I’ve started listening to classical music on the radio when I have to drive. It is not something I know a lot about, but I like that it makes the drive seem like you are in the midst of a Merchant Ivory film – it really does make all the ordinary (and annoying) things around you seem better – elevated and more interesting somehow.
  • SuperGuy got paid half for his big contracting job so we are going to the bank today and by the end of this week we will be DEBT FREE! It is a huge accomplishment for us and a fresh start.

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